Bad Media Karma

So I know I’ve been neglecting this site for a while now, and I sincerely apologize. It was my birthday week and what can I say? Sorry for partying? I promise a return to normalcy with a fresh post every Thursday. I'm currently polishing up my piece on the threesome I had in Paris. Ooh la la! Also I’ve been embroiled in some cyber gossip as of late. You see, the campus editors of Northwestern University's weekly magazine have been speculating about my identity for a while. They think I'm a Northwestern alum. Meanwhile, the snarkfest that is the Ivy League gossip website, IvyGate, is mesmerized by the possibility that I might be a Harvard junior.

So what do you guys think? Can you help them solve the mystery?

  • IvyGate is always right! This guy is sooo pretentious. He has Harvard written all over him. (9 votes)
  • No way! Confirmed or Denied? Confirmed big time. Boy Toy Blogger is a Northwestern wildcat at heart. (27 votes)
  • Are you kidding?! This guy is not even real! This is obviously an experimental marketing ploy conceived by PlanetOut! (2 votes)
  • ... or DList! (5 votes)
  • ... or Trojan condoms! (9 votes)
  • Haha, you guys are ridiculous! Leave him alone! He's just a boy, looking for love in all the wrong places. (46 votes)