It's All a Boy Needs to Survive

Another photo of my friends who came to my reading. Fun fact: all these people are on Tumblr! You should follow them - not because they post interesting stuff - but because they are attractive, stylish, and social (unlike most people on the internet).

Kate (eats mac & cheese in the nude, makes killer mixtapes). Leah (blonde ambition, will marry a rockstar). Grant (the most stylish man I know, you're welcome). Ashley (my Latin sister from another mister). JP (gets kicked out of dive bars cause he's so pretty/messy). Girl making a weird face in the back (we don't know her).

UPDATE: These kids were also at my reading but not pictured - Kaitlyn (from hair to there), Stephanie (all the devil’s parties), Federico (art theorist extraordinaire), and Brenden (gentleman adventurer).