Media: First 'Boy Toy' Reading for LitCrawl (Litquake)

[soundcloud url="" params="show_comments=false&auto_play=false&color=00ff90" width="100%" height="81" ] You were the type who always had a Mr. Right, a caring, cute, smart guy you could spend your nights in with while I rummaged out and about, drinking cheap gin, and picking out the cum crusts off my belly hairs.

Yes, I was always supportive of your picture perfect boyfriendhood, but deep down, part of me always resented you and your All-American, well-bred knack for monogamous bliss. If we are complete opposites, and you’re the relationship type, then what does that make me?

You really hate staying up past your bedtime, your favorite fruit is pomegranate, and you lost your virginity the night of my 21st birthday party. I know pretty much everything about you. And you know pretty much everything about me. Except that one night I slept with your boyfriend.

Audio of my Confessions of a Boy Toy reading at Lambda Literary's Fabulocity and Fierceness event, LitCrawl, October 15, 2011. Thanks, Kate!