Take Me to Cher's Old House

Last night GayCities asked me to represent them in a cocktail contest at the Lookout sponsored in part by the Palm Springs visitors bureau, Alaska Airlines and Stoli vodka. As a judge, I had three bartenders mustering up all their mixology skills trying to impress me with a signature cocktail plus a bonus round of surprise shots. The winning bartender got a free trip to Palm Springs! Also on the panel and sitting on either side of me, funny lady BeBe Sweetbriar and Paul Miller, owner of Truck and Rebel.

Two of the signature drinks were made with a recently reaveled Stoli flavor, jalapeño -- so that was a nice change of taste. All the bonus shots just tasted like medicine to me, but by that point I was rather drunk. While waiting for new rounds of drinks, I talked to equally woozy BeBe about her new single which is dropping soon, just in time for Pride. After the scores were tabulated, I was glad to see that James from the Lookout won the big trip. How can you not root for the shirtless guy who requires his signature drink to be shaken vigorously?

The cocktail contest had not one but two Stoli go-go boys helping us serve the drinks and walking around in briefs the size of wristbands. After it was over, I talked to them about their personal fitness routines. I always find it interesting to grill people with obvious good bodies about their regime, how long did it take to get those devil's horns? Do they diet? Do they have a personal trainer? Turns out one of them, lost a ton of weight and got tight in six months. His secret: cardio.

I also took this opportunity to run an idea by Michael Jortner from Palm Springs tourism bureau. A big gay 80s pool party at Sonny and Cher's old estate, Villa Carmelita. My friend Tommy and his boyfriend rented it out for Coachella and they seemed to have no complaints.

Towards the end of the night, we met three German boys. That's where things start getting kind of blurry, but I do remember dancing to Grouplove and Cut Copy thanks to Thursday night DJ's Six, Candy and Star. Their indie electro dance party Get Lucky! takes place the second Saturday at the Lookout and is not the sort of thing you find in the Castro very often, so I was delighted I found myself there for that.

Anyway, Denys won a white wife beater that's made to fit infants, and JP stayed until later. Maybe he has more interesting stories.