Media: Sex and Instagram Radio Podcast with Emily Morse

screen-shot-2012-07-13-at-11-04-35-am.png Last month I went into the studio to talk with Emily Morse and cohort Menace about gay dating on Instagram, more specifically my article which had just been published on The Huffington Post. It was perfect timing to broach the topic on Sex with Emily because news of Facebook acquiring Instagram broke that very morning.

We talked about the lack of bros at Hunky Jesus (2:50-mark), male versus female circumcision (19:30-mark) and party hopping with Andy Cohen (8:30-mark) (the three of us were all at an amfAR benefit last Fall). When I visited Emily's show, she was finally in the clear to talk about her upcoming reality TV show Miss Advised premiering June 18, so I tried to convince her to host a special screening of the Bravo show at the Castro Theatre.

Oh, we also talked tons about Instagram! The latter half of the show, starting at the 24-minute mark, was dedicated entirely to that topic.