Robin Rises: Five Actors Who Would Make Sexy Sidekicks

Now that Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is over, it's time to look forward to Robin making his big screen comeback. Chris O'Donnell made quite the impression in my adolescent years as the boy next door with an affinity for tight costumes with pronounced nipples. So the bar is set high. Oh, and just because I couldn't contain myself, I also give you guys my choice for next generation Bruce Wayne.

Taylor Kitsch has already made an impression as a Hollywood superhero after landing the coveted role of Gambit opposite Hugh Jackman in Wolverine. However he has not been in my radar cause long hair turns me off. This year, Kitsch, after a much needed hair cut, is starring in three films, including Oliver Stone's Savages.

Chris Pine is just so goddamn lovable, and with just that tinge of youthful charm needed to be the broody Batman sidekick. It's a little surprising that the closest this heartthrob has come to playing a superhero is the Star Trek film.

Jesse Williams. I know! A black Robin. Where's my NAACP award?

Josh Hutcherson played a wimp in the Hunger Games film. But with a little bit of coaching, I can see him growing up and kicking some serious ass.

Dave Franco because the fresher faced, less pretentious version of James is charismatic enough to have his own career.

And now my top pick for Bruce Wayne?

Matt Bomer, all or nothing.

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