Britney's X-Factor vs. Christina's Voice

Tonight one of the most heated pop culture rivalries of all time will rekindled on primetime. Britney Spears' judging stint premieres on The X-Factor, while Christina Aguilera pushes her way through the week with a third consecutive episode on The Voice.

In recent interviews both female singers have commended each other for following in the footsteps of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger (aren't they the trendsetters), jumping so gracefully on the reality television bandwagon while taking home millions of dollars.

"Our paths have always crossed and they will continue to cross," Aguilera told Parade. "I welcome her to this family of fun and entertainment and finding talent as well."

Britney and Christina's paths first crossed on the Mickey Mouse Club, they went on to beat the clay out of each other on Celebrity Deathmatch. They crossed each other once again while swapping Madonna's saliva at the VMAs. Tonight they will clash on television, but before that the pop stars square off right now here on my blog -- where I have written about these two ladies in terms that are quite fitting to the titles of their TV shows.

Britney's X-Factor:

It's easy to dismiss Britney Spears as trashy and talentless, but she is an icon in the purest sense of the word -- an object signifying much more. She signifies the machine that created her, the concept that made her a superstar and a fascination that resurrected her to the top of the charts. (Read More)

Christina's Voice:

No one can deny that Christina Aguilera’s got talent. She was the youngest person to make Rolling Stone's list of greatest singers ever (the only person under 30). Celine Dion called her “probably the best vocalist in the world.” (Read More)

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