Light Up, Berlin: Photos from the 2012 Festival of Lights

This Fall I've had four different friends take a trip to Berlin, the magical city that converts everything from abandoned factories to mammoth gymnasiums into nonstop, deep house music havens. The DJs spinning in drained out swimming pools, the locker rooms used for coat check, the revelers entering through loading docks. Definitely a destination for expats with night owl tendencies.

The Flickr blog has just given me one more reason to plan a visit to Berlin during the Fall, photos from Berlin's Festival of Lights: "For 12 nights straight, projections and lights colorfully illuminate famous landmarks of Germany’s capital in grand fashion."

The annual festival was created in 2005 by Berliner Birgit Zander. She stated: “Light is life, light is energy, light is able to speak all languages of the world and light connects people”

Now her concept has evolved to include “LightSeeing” tours and over 20 illumination artists crafting glowing displays that transforms Berlin into a public art installation.

These images remind me of the "White Nights" all over Europe -- art installation, street performances, all major museums open after dark. I experienced it in Madrid and again in the States when the concept eventually immigrated to Chicago a few years ago, but I haven't heard of it resurfacing recently.

Photos: Lens Daemmijoergschickedanz ,mr172 ,emen49Lispeltuut,*sputniksaturn ♄,frau g,Matthias (Bolle)Charlotta Brockeye

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