Absurd Style, Irreverent Substance: 'Wet' Bathing Magazine's Avant-Garde Influence

This summer, The Atlantic ran a really cool piece about WET, the 1976 magazine dedicated to gourmet bathing.

Below, some of my favorite covers:

As silly as it sounds, the "screwball arts publication" not only landed Richard Gere and Debbie Harry on its cover but "ended up influencing a generation of designers, writers, and editors—and maybe even a few bathers."

WET's unique New Wave blend of irreverent coverage ("bathing was actually beside the point," said founding editor Leonard Koren) and funky stylish presentation was ahead of its time.

The magazine appealed to "connoisseurs of the strange" and became breeding ground for future creative forces to be reckoned with, such as rock star fashion shutterbug Herb Ritts and Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: Do you see WET's influence in other publications and blogs?