World AIDS Day: Graphic Response from Artists and Ad Agencies Around the World

"[The posters] needed to be [heated] because the government was really dragging its feet, especially Mr. Reagan, and there was this major epidemic growing in the United States. I'm sure it probably had something to do with the fact that it started out as a gay disease, and that was not a topic that was generally spoken about in public," Edward Atwater, the doctor responsible for the largest collection of AIDS posters, talked to The Atlantic.

Translation: "He did not ask for a condom. He must be HIV negative. He did not ask for a condom. He must be HIV positive. How would you know?" Quebec, Canada.

Design: Garth Davis, Adam Fox, Todd Mitchell, Chris Tsernjavski, Photography: Kevan Way. Australia, 1995.

 Agency: TBWA/Paris. Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen, Art Director: Marianne Fonferrier / Stephanie Thomasson, Photography: Eric Traoré, inspired by a photograph made by Philippe Halsman in 1951. France, 2003.

Victorian AIDS Council, Inc./Gay Men's Health Centre, Inc. Australia, 1992.Maryland. AIDS Administration, Photography: Jerry Seidl

Agency: MARKETEL, Creative Team: Gilles Dusablon, Linda Dawe, Stephane Gaulin. Canada, 2004.


Agency: MARKETEL, Photography: Martin Girard. Montreal, 2009.

Design: Carlos M. González Manjarrez, UNICEF. Mexico, 2007.

Agency: TBWA Paris. France, 2008.

Scotland, 1992

Anon, Publication of the Public Campaign Project Group AIDS/SOA (AIDS/Sexually Transmitted Illnesses) in association with the VWS (Ministry of Public Health, Welfare, and Sports), in addition this is supported by the Prevention Fund (Praeventiefonds). The Netherlands, 1995.

Design: Art Chantry. USA, 1993.

Translation: "The youth counter-attack!" Action SIDA Laval. Laval, Canada, 1990.

Design: Idania/Del Rio. Cuba, 2006.


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