Secret Santa Against Humanity: Adult-Friendly Gifts for the Kid in All of Us Last week our friends got together for a Secret Santa event facilitated by Secret Santa Generator, which emails you with your anonymous gift exchange recipient. Since we are all busy, busy cityfolk, we also had to restort to using Doodle to select the most available date for all parties involved. All these dot com-ness led JP to dub our event, "the techiest Christmas party ever." The day of the party, hilary ensued!

Ashley and Renée were pros with those lobster cookies. For next year, I am urging them to take their decorating skills to the next level.

Now on to the nifty gifts we exchanged!

Coastermatic turns your favorite Instagrams into stone coasters!

Fondue set from Crate and Barrel comes with tiny candles for a classy dinner gatherings.

Stuff is a warehouse full of incredible antiques, especially 50's kitsch souvenirs and 60's mod decor. The furniture is on the pricey side, but their record collection has some unique finds in the $10 range.

Cards Against Humanity are the must-have party game for the politically incorrect. My favorite card ever? "Pac man uncontrollably guzzling cum."

The Bold Italic has put all their graphic design prowess into creating this useful guide for anyone looking for their own furball buddy.

Man of the World is a new, heavy duty magazine for men who are into the finer things in life.

Another stocking stuffer for those with arrested development, Coloring for Grown Ups will have you fostering your creative side while tickling your funny bone.