Dragon Dildos: Fantasize About Having Sex with Magical Creatures?

What about getting plowed by a gryphon or a werewolf or a lion/tiger hybrid, um, a liger? Well, good news for you -- you kinky fuck. Bad Dragon is an sex toy company devoted to satisfying your high-flying, fire-breathing, mythologically unrestrained fantasies.

And another thing that tickled my fancy while perusing their website (for a friend!), all their products come with a short story to kindle your desires. Here is a story about a horny dragon named Clayton:

Clayton, the mighty guardian of the stony north cliffs, picked his way down the canyon. He was tracking a hiker who was milling clumsily around the steep rock face. The dragon’s eyes narrowed; This was no beginners’ hike! Furthermore, the hiker was nearing the ultimate forbidden zone – Clayton’s cave, and his legendary horde of treasure.

A lone hiker was certainly no match for an intelligent and resourceful dragon, let alone Clayton. However this hiker seemed to be looking for something specific - not to just make it down the pass. The dragon sank back into his rocky surroundings, camouflaging effortlessly as he pondered the hiker's intentions. At that moment, the hiker stumbled into a break in the rocks and judging from the sounds of gasps the hiker had found Clayton’s cave.

Wasting no time, Clayton dropped into the cave and reared up on his hind legs, an impressive sight, all horns and spines and muscle. The hiker’s eyes went wide, and Clayton smiled deviously.

“Lone hiker,” he growled softly, “You seem to have been looking for something as you stumbled down the mountain; what is it that you seek? Respond wisely!”

The hiker looked up at the stunning earth dragon, bowing swiftly before answering. “I have no desire to steal your treasure. I have ventured this far simply to pay you tribute.”

A playful smile stole across the dragon’s features, milling over the possibilities in his mind, as his loins began to stir. It had been ever so long since he’d had a little company.

“After all, I am no fool… I know where to find the REAL treasure of the northern cliffs…” The hiker said, eyeing the dragon’s loins.

The dragon felt his stiff cock coming to life, poking into the air and quivering. He eyed the hiker in return and was pleasantly surprised to see no sign of fear. In fact, there was an expression of triumph and anticipation...

I also appreciate that the keep lustful protagonist in these fantasies gender-neutral. After all, dragon sex should be an option for boys, girls and everyone in between. Bad Dragon also has more traditional bestiality gear like stallion and tentacle rape dildos, for those of you who are not as imaginative. Enjoy!

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