The Last Selfie: Artist Stuart Sandford's Sculpture of Model Sebastian Sauvé

Michelangelo had his David and for Stuart Sandford, there's Sebastian. The latest project by the openly-gay UK artist is an 8-foot stainless steel sculpture of model Sebastian Sauvé taking a "selfie," if you will. The "Sebastian" piece is a logical - if not larger-than-life - next step for Sandford, whose worked before in blurring the gay fine line between narcissism and exhibitionism.

"It’s a culmination of a number of projects I’ve been working on for the last few years, which consist of images of guys taking photographs of themselves," Sandford told Dazed Digital. "By creating a sculpture of this action that will be around for generations to come, it seemed like a natural and fitting conclusion to the idea."

Of the project's core concept, he said: "The idea that narcissism is inherent within homosexuality, which was first posited by Freud in 1905: that every gay man only wants to fuck himself and will find a partner with similar features in order to achieve that. Added to that is the idea that anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can show every single inch of themselves off to the world."

Sandford chose to work with Sauvé because of the model's classical good looks, given that the Greco-Roman period and its fixation with the male form and facial features influenced Sandford's contemporary take.

To construct his modern-day male beauty masterpiece, Sandford collected 3d body scans of Sauvé, and has also made smaller novelty figurines in different sizes and materials, so that the world can take home a piece of their own Sebastian. Get yours here.