Tinder Hack Had Straight Guys Flirting with Each Other

  Have you ever chatted with a hottie online and then come to realize they were not the person you thought they were? Verge reported that a group of straight guys were recently caught off guard after Tinder was hacked to match them up, thinking they were chatting with a hot girl.

A California-based programmer tweaked the mobile matchmaking app to create a "catfish machine" that fooled unsuspecting men into thinking they had been matched with the profile of an attractive woman, when in fact they had been matched to chat with each other. And the conversations that ensued are as hilariously awkward as you'd imagine: Confused horny bro central.

The program matched straight guys who swiped right on a bait Tinder profile of a woman, initiating the option to chat. But instead of sending message to who they assumed was the female Tinder user, the message were relayed directly back and forth to one another.

Something tells me that straight guys are unabashedly more aggressive on Tinder than women are, so the fact that two straight guys were being this shamelessly flirtatious ("It means you wanted to get scissored and fingered in the butt last night. Kinky. I would have helped you out with that.") with one another and feeding off the other guy's equally-hypersexual messages ("Sounds good!") is fucking hilarious.

It's also interesting to note that even though some of the messages included tell-tale signs ("Your second picture is hot, reminds me of Jane from Breaking Bad"), the guys opted to turn a blind eye for the sake of continuing a conversation with who they assumed to be a sexy girl.