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Jimmy Garoppolo Takes Tom Brady's Place in Our Hearts

Tom Brady was the undisputed All-American dreamboat: the star quarterback of Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots who has graced the cover of GQ four times. Football's sexiest heartthrob, however, fell from grace earlier this week after he was suspended for four games for playing a role in deflating a bunch of game footballs during a playoff game last season. Ouch!

So who will take Tom Brady's place as starting quarterback of the Patriots come football season? That would be no other than Jimmy Garoppolo, a 6-foot-2 23-year-old from Chicago.

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The NFL's scouting report described him as "Athletic. Highly competitive. Smart, respected, vocal team leader. Very durable, experienced..." Is this a draft analysis or the OkCupid profile blurb of our dream catch?

We've carefully evaluated Jimmy's track record by browsing through hundreds of photos of him shirtless on the football field and flashing that dreamy smile. And after wiping the drool off our mouths, we've come to the conclusion that Jimmy Garoppolo is a a fine successor to Tom Brady -- at least in our hearts.


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