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#BasicPrincess: What If Your Favorite Disney Princess Was Just Another Basic Bitch?

If the Internet is obsessed with two things it's reimagining Disney princesses and making fun of basic bitches. Social meme factory Story of My Life has combined these two things by creating these hilarious illustrations appropriately titled #BasicPrincess.

Now that Ariel's got her own set of human legs, she's fully invested in gaining a thigh gap.

basic princess

Take away brunch options along her low-calorie cocktails and Jasmin is not above raising her voice to the wait staff.

basic princess

Belle traded her library card for a Starbucks rewards card -- talk about a #basicbitch dead giveaway.

basic princess

Cinderella made it back from the ball just in time for that hot yoga sesh where the lighting makes her look so good #blessed.

basic princess

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