12 Sexy Trans Men Who Inspire Us Year-Round [Photos]

November is officially Trans Awareness Month, but we firmly believe our trans allies deserve our appreciation year-round. So now that November's technically over, what better time to begin to be Trans Awareness 4 Life. To get you started, here are 12 sexy trans men who have been spicing up our Instagram feeds. Most importantly, these trans men have been churning out the inspiration by the truck loads. And in the process, they're giving us the confidence to aim to be better men every day. 💪

Sure, these guys are mighty fine, but they are also super brave – setting an example by breaking barriers for trans folks and sharing their personal stories with the world. We couldn't think of anything sexier.

If you'd like to learn more about these inspiring trans men and read about other equally-awesome men, check out Original Plumbing and FTM magazine. And if you know a guy who deserves to be on this list, leave a comment or hit us up on social.

Benjamin Melzer

First trans male model to be on the cover of Men's Health Germany [Instagram]Benjamin Melzer Sexy Trans Men

Thomas Page McBee

Writer and author of Man Alive: A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness and Becoming a Man [Instagram]Thomas Page McBee Sexy Trans Men

Jake Graf

London-based actor and filmmaker [Instagram]Jake Graf Sexy Trans Men

Ian Harvie

Comedian and Transparent actor [Instagram]Ian Harvie Sexy Trans Men

Laith Ashley

Brooklyn-based model and star of Strut [Instagram]Laith Ashley Sexy Trans Men

Kye Allums

Basketball player and first openly transgender NCAA Division 1 college athlete [Twitter]Kye Allums Sexy Trans Men

Rocco Kayiatos

Rapper, BuzzFeed video producer and co-founder of Original Plumbing magazine [Instagram]Rocco Kayiatos Sexy Trans Men

Balian Buschbaum

Former Olympic pole vaulter from Germany [Facebook]Balian Buschbaum Sexy Trans Men

Buck Angel

Filmmaker and porn star intellectual [Instagram]Buck Angel Sexy Trans Men

Aydian Dowling

First trans man to be on the cover of Gay Times magazine [Instagram]Aydian Dowling Sexy Trans Men

Kinnon MacKinnon

First trans man to win gold in powerlifting at the Gay Games [Twitter]Kinnon MacKinnon Sexy Trans Men

Kieran Damien Moloney

New Zealand-based fitness model [Instagram]Kieran Damien Moloney Sexy Trans Men