See this sexy cosplayer in action as every Avenger [photos]

Marvel fans, meet the new star of your cinematic universe. Chris Jones (@chrisjonesgeek) is just your average goofy dude from the U.K. who likes to go to the gym and describes himself as a total geek. 

But Chris has a super power of his own. When it comes to looking good in spandex, this Chris gives Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt AND Chris Pine a run for their blockbuster money. Have a favorite superhero costume? Chances are that Chris Jones has totally rocked it, and below are the photos to prove it.

His cosplay looks have even caught the eye of Avengers: Endgame stars Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Chris Jones (wow, so many Chrises in this story) was invited to the London premieres of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and more recently, the premiere of Endgame. By the looks of it, Thor himself in the form of Hemsworth seemed impressed. โ€œHey, whoโ€™s the hot guy?โ€ the actor probably asked.

Below are photos from Chris Jonesโ€™s Instagram that prove he is worthy of joining the #ChrisClub with some awesome looks inspired by the Marvel Universe and beyond. Make sure to follow him to continue seeing this cosplayer take on new superheroes.

Captain America





More of a DC Comics fan?

No worries โ€“ Chris got you covered.